Monday, October 20, 2014

Celebrate Halloween with Target Canada and Win!

It is no secret that I have been a fan of Target a long time before the came to Canada. Now that they are finally here I am very excited to share the fact that I am now part of the #ThankFall Target Canada team. 


My family and I celebrate Halloween with a family & friends pre-trick-or-treating potluck dinner, then it's off for a trick-or-treating adventure with many children in tow and finally we arrive back at the house to sort and gorge on candy. The kids of course..not the adults. 


I am on the lookout for new and interesting items to make our Halloween celebration spectacular. Even the pets get involved in our Halloween celebration...not always willingly mind you. 


This year I am happy to invite you to join in the celebration. Target Canada is having a huge Twitter party on Thursday, October 23rd from 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm, just after your little goblins have gone to bed. 


There is no need to RSVP, just jump into the conversation using the hashtag #TargetTrickorTweet. Are you new to  Twitter parties, please join us on TWUBS to help your first party go a little smoother. This party is open to Canadian only, however it is not open to QC residents. 
There are many spook-tacular prizes to be won, I'll tweet you on Thursday! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

UnMarketing, Kahkua and Media Training

I took on the Blissdom Canada experience with a different lens this year. Arriving under the premise of perfecting my pitch and platform, and reconnecting with my Blissdom family. I was not disappointed. 

#ChevyBliss Button Twins 

Listening to Alison Burke, Leslie Hughes and Christy Laverty gave me the opportunity to understand the importance of the pitch. 

Leslie was my first presenter, she gave my homework. I don't have an effective LinkedIn profile, truthfully it is a little sad. She also provided a step by step blueprint to position yourself as an expert. Leslie is the very successful name behind Punch Media and a LinkedIn Guru.

Next, Alison explained the craft of writing the pitch and how important it is to proud of who you are her candour was appreciated. One essential piece of information I will take from her session is not bulk publish pitch. Alison it the CEO of ImpressionsPR , a highly successful & highly regarded PR firm based out of Toronto. 

Christy gave her poignant and to the point professional perspective. What I took away from her session was to cut the crap, speak clearly, get to the point and lose the niceties of the conversation. Those simples steps will give my pitch a higher level of professionalism. Christy Laverty has worked in broadcasting in the Toronto market since 1997 and is the evening editor at 680News.

Scott & Alison, authors of the best selling Unselling book series had us in stitches from the moment the session began. I must digress, I could not help notice how in love these two are, their chemistry was felt through the entire room. Having watched several of Scott & Alison's podcasts, I see the clearer message of this platform. The message is muffle-less  unless you say a word that rhymes with Nummies and then it's all over. 

The final activity of the night a throw back Thursday party sponsored by Kahlua which I was able to share with my awesome sister Lisa. There were video games, an original Speakers Corners and throwback treats for everyone to enjoy. Watching the amazing Erica Ehm in her entertainment element was the highlight of my night throw back Thursday night. 


More hilarity ensured when my friend Kathy Smart kicked Bob Minhas ass in an arm wrestling match it was worth the price of admission to Blissdom Canada, seriously my friends, this is the video of the conference!! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Digital Guide to Blissdom Canada 2014

After months of planning, Blissdom Canada is finally here. Blissdom is Canada's premier social media conference and I am privileged to be attending this year's conference as the Parent Ambassador for Active for Life

I will be here all weekend connecting with other social media folk and spreading the good word about physical literacy and the importance of unstructured play for children. 

Blissdom Canada has launched it 2014 Digital Guide for this years conference. You can check out the link here

A huge thank you to +ChevroletCanada for giving my friend +Sarah Robinson and I a beautiful 2015 Suburban to drive to Toronto for this conference. There is plenty of room if we need to do a little retail therapy on the way home. 

A special little thank you to Jade who was at the front desk this evening when we checked in at the Delta Meadowvale. She spoke fondly about the Blissdom conference and how excited the entire staff was that we were back. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It's been 12 years.....

Dear Tippie, 

I find it hard to believe that 12 years ago this month you left me. It was one of the saddest days of my adult life. I held you in my arms as the doctor administered your needle. I saw the life fade from your eyes and cried because of all this things I didn't do with you. I wish I had walked you more, held you more and taken you for more play time at the park. You are still with me, I see your collar hanging in the hallway and your toys are still in a basket on the toy room floor. 

Once you left there was a hole that was empty, black and filled with grief. You picked me, you ran at me away from the rest of your brothers and sisters, you were my first dog and I love you for teaching me how to be a good pet parent. Not long after you left, two other puppies were born to a family that did not want them. They, like you, found me. Snickers and Easton turned 12 this past September and we love them as much as we loved you. 

I think of you often and hope the pain we saw you in, no longer haunts you, as it still haunts me. I wish you could have met our three children & they could have shown you the love an entire family can give to a  furry family member.

I miss you Tippie-Dog, 

Love always, 


Friday, July 11, 2014

I'm on Summer Time -

During the summer my family and I take a deep breath and escape our schedule driven life for a more nomadic existence. The summer is a time for the three mini-me's  and I, to return to the small town I grew up in and have them run free in the same streets I did. 

Classic humour, about small town life and yes it's true. 

We also partake in the best family travel destinations from across Ontario and New York State. This is where our friends at Kinder help keep the peace during our long drives. The kids love the chocolaty treats, constructing the toys and collecting entire sets of the Kinder toys. As well, whenever we stop to fuel up or for a break the kids love to search for the familiar orange and white boxes. 

Our summer has started off with wild adventures:

Two days of thrills and laughs at Canada's Wonderland with my niece and daughters KT & Andie.

The launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, her 150th career. Along with Alicia Moffet, winner of Season 6 of The Next Star

Shopping the iconic Eaton Centre in beautiful downtown Toronto. 

Finally, relaxing at our little cottage on the Big Rideau is a summer time rite of passage. 

But wait we have so many more adventures to be had! In the upcoming months we will be: 

Attending the Blogger Bash at Calypso Water Park, 

heading across the border to experience everything Destiny USA has to offer, 

and learning  about iMovie, cool apps on the iPad and digital story telling at Apple Camp in Ottawa. 

Summer is a busy time, but where ever we go we take a little bit of Kinder along with us whether it be as a chocolaty treat of a comfort from home.

Do you have any ideas for a summer time adventure the Guthrie's should attend? Let me know in the comments below and we will see you there!


“Disclosure: I’m part of theKinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.  The opinions on this blog are my own”

Monday, July 7, 2014

Back Fat

Back fat. 

Recently, I was reminded of the extent of the squishy bits that have takes up residence just above my gluteus maximus.

Standing in a Ricki's change room trying on dresses for the upcoming school year, I realized that I needed someone to zip my zipper. ( I know there are many strange things in that last sentence including me trying on dresses, but hold on it gets worse.) 

I asked KT to come and help me, but the other two of course had to come in. As soon as I took my shirt off the giggles began. It started very innocently:
  • Oh Mommy, the skin on your back is so soft and squishy 
  • Look Andie, if you push the skin together it looks like a backside
  • OMG, Mommy when you push your skin over ripples over there
At this point, I could have turned to them and told them how inappropriate they were being but     instead I started to laugh.  I tried to tell them to stop pushing my back fat around and making musical instruments out of my extra jiggly bits on my back but I couldn't. 

We laughed, until the tears rolled down our faces. It has been a very long time since that has happened and it needed to happen. A tension breaker that bridged the end of our crazy, schedule driven school year and the beginning our nomadic summer. Laughing at my self is hard, but as mortifying as it sounds, laughing at my back fat with my children laughing along with me made the experience much more enjoyable. 

My back fat and I are in the process of going our separate ways. The more I train for my 15k race and eliminate (most of) the gluten from my meal planning adventures the less evident my musical body parts will be.  I wonder if back fat and chicken fat are synonymous? 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Youth Mental Health - Support My Journey with RBC Run for Kids!

We have started training! 

Dear Active for Life fans, friends, community members and contributors! Would you like to join me this fall and raise funds for Youth Mental Health? This fall I will be running in the RBC Run for the Kids 15k and you can join me! 
Did I mention you can win a round-trip flight ANYWHERE? 

There are three different distances to choose from 5k, 15k and 25k. Which do you think you can tackle? If you cannot join us consider donating to our fundraising goal of $500.

Thank you in advance,